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We are not building garage cabinets at this time

STS Garage Storage Cabinets



8' Special

8' tall  X 8' wide X 16" deep

10' Special

6' tall X 10' wide X 16" deep

12' Special

6' tall X 12' wide X 16" deep

14' Special

6' tall X 14' wide X 16" deep

16' Special

6' tall X 8' wide + 8' tall X 8' wide X 16" deep

The Executive

Same as 16' special but 24" deep

Work bench

3' tall x 4' wide x 22" deep + 4' x 2' x 16" upper cabinets

Specials are available in 20" and 24" depths for an additional charge
All of our garage storage cabinets taller than 2' include adjustable shelves. 
Get organized!!!

Remember not all garage storage cabinets are created equal. We started from scratch when we built our first garage cabinet. We did look at the storage cabinets that were available and noted both the good features and the bad ones. We found the number one problem with garage storage cabinets was the weakness of the particle board base. There was no protection from water. In fact we have spoken to several customers who have had their garage cabinets collapse because  water entered the garage and got the base wet. Particle board will act like a sponge and absorb water. It then swells, crumbles and falls apart. We knew we needed to get our cabinets off the ground to protect the base from water. In Arizona we usually don't have to worry about the rain getting into the garage. Well in our newest area, Prescott Arizona you do need to worry about the melting snow that gets on your car. We do however have a huge problem with hard water and it is quite common for a water heater to burst. Usually this happens when you are on vacation. Imagine your dismay when you pull up to your home and find water coming out of your garage. Then imagine how you feel when you open the door and find a mass of water logged particle board covering what used to be your valuable possessions. You guessed it, your garage storage cabinets have fallen off the wall because the water has weakened the base of the cabinets. 

So how do you keep the base of your home storage cabinets off the ground. Some companies used to hang the cabinets from wall. We have replaced many of these cabinets over the years. Sure there is no base to get wet, but there is also no base to support the cabinets and in time they can sag and eventually break. So what was the answer, legs. We found our hardware supplier carried adjustable leg levelers for upscale euro style kitchen cabinets. We gave them a try and knew instantly that we had found the answer. Sure there was the additional cost of the legs, and we use quite a few of them. But in the long run we saved quite a bit of time in leveling the cabinets. There were several advantages of the legs and we felt it was worth the extra cost to build a better cabinet. Then came the shelves. Most of the garage storage companies gave the customers a choice of shelf placement. You were given a choice of placement "A" through "g" or some such nonsense. Some of the openings even got more than two shelves. We could not do this to our customers so we would ask the customers while we were building their garage cabinets what they wanted where and we would place the shelves exactly where they wanted them. Well this began to be a problem, we would sometimes spend an hour or two working with the home owner figuring out what would go where. Then we realized if they wanted to move a shelf they were out of luck. One of the options that the competitors reluctantly offered was adjustable shelves. It seemed like the perfect solution except for one thing. In the existing design of the garage shelving the shelves were part of the cabinet structure and without them the cabinet was not strong enough. Some companies even went so far as to shorten the warranty for cabinets with adjustable shelves. We decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and redesign our garage shelving to be built exclusively with adjustable shelves. What we ended up with was a simple designed that was easier to build than our old design and most importantly did not use the shelves as a structural component of our garage cabinets. Of course we could not have done it if we were not already using the cabinet leg levelers. We already had quite a bit of experience with our sliding shelves. We knew that a system of holes in the particle board that accepted pins to support the shelves was prone to failure. We chose to use metal shelf standards that allowed adjustment every 1/2". We had never seen this system fail in kitchen cabinets and if the standards did ever fail in garage cabinets we could replace them. Like the legs this turned out to be an excellent decision. The metal standards work very well and they do not fail when used in garage storage cabinets. We did have to deal with the extra cost of the standards and the clips, but again the time savings involved helps to offset some of the extra costs. The result was a garage cabinet that was superior to the ones that the competitors were building. Sure they cost a little bit more because of the quality components, but we recognized the fact that most customers understand there is a difference between cost and value. So if you are looking for the cheapest garage storage cabinets you can find, go ahead and call the other guys. However if you understand value and want a quality garage organizer for home storage that will adjust to your needs and be around in the future give us a call, you will be happy you did. We also build work benches that are perfect for the hobbyist, gardener and of course for tool storage. Tool storage? yes tool storage, we use 1/4" pegboard between the base cabinet and the overhead cabinet. This makes the perfect place for tool storage. So get organized, call us today!

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