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Getting organized to tame that monster garage storage problem is easy with STS garage cabinets

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Find out why we say different by design. We did not copy the other cabinet companies when we designed STS garage cabinets. Take a look at the way 90% of the garage cabinet companies in Arizona build their cabinets. It is almost all the same. From what I have been told many years ago Neil's garage cabinets started building inexpensive garage cabinets for customers in Sun City for garage storage. It seems that when the snowbirds decided that Phoenix was the place to retire they moved out and quickly discovered an interesting fact about living in Phoenix, there is no storage! Very few homes have basements and not many more have attics. There is just no place to store stuff and for getting organized but in the garage. Soon your garage becomes a monster garage mess. The people at Neil's figured that out pretty early and built just what the homeowner was looking for, inexpensive but sturdy garage storage cabinets for getting organized. Well if you have ever owned a business you know that employees don't always recognize all of the costs of doing business and if they do and you make a profit they figure they can make one too. Over the years the number of garage cabinet companies in Phoenix grew and grew but one thing stayed pretty constant. They all seemed to build the cabinets the same way. What is worse sometimes the people don't know as much as they think they do. They start to change little things on the design and what was a good cabinet gets to be a not so good cabinet. If you are looking for a good garage cabinet company in Phoenix go to the original, Neil's. I say that because STS garage cabinets does not build cabinets in Phoenix. We decided years ago that there were just too many companies in Phoenix and many of them when in and out of business so fast we thought they would have run out of names by now. When we decided we wanted cabinets for our own homes we looked at what was available and decided it could be better. While using the shelves for support worked well it did not allow for adjustable shelves. While the particle board base covered with the Melamine trim looked nice it just did not seem sturdy enough, especially if it got wet. We redesigned our cabinets from the bottom up. We started with adjustable leg levelers to get the wood off the ground. It also allows for termite inspection which is important in Arizona. Then we redesigned the cabinet structure so that the base supported the cabinets not the shelves. The result is a cabinet that in our opinion is simply better than the others. We proudly build STS garage cabinets in Prescott and Tucson and the surrounding areas. Call us today to see the difference in getting organized with quality cabinets from STS garage storage cabinets.. 

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