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STS Garage Storage Cabinets is a division of Shelves that Slide Inc. While installing our sliding shelves in our customer's homes we noticed a number of the had garage storage cabinets. In need of more home storage space we decided to look into having garage storage cabinets installed. After some exhaustive searching we realized that none of the companies that were installing garage cabinets in the Tucson area had a design that we felt was worth installing. We decided the only way to get a garage cabinet that would meet our quality standards and home storage needs was to build them ourselves. After the first garage cabinet we built we realized that there had to be a better way to build the cabinet base. Using particle board cleats as stilts to level the base was just not going to last. We started using cabinet leg levelers designed for upscale euro style kitchen cabinets. They are a bit pricey but they worked perfectly. The legs made leveling the cabinet a breeze. They also had the added benefits of protecting from water damage and allowing for termite inspection. You might not think of Tucson and it's dry climate as having a problem with termites, but it does. In fact there are two types of homes in Tucson, those with a termite problem and those that will have a termite problem. The most common location to find evidence of a termite problem is along the stem wall of the garage. It seems that many times the garage floor is poured some time after the house slab. Apparently either the garage slabs are either missed by the termite pre-treatment or the treatment that is used is compromised before the garage floor is poured. It also helps that the garage wall is one of the few places that the stem wall is visible inside of your home. Anyway the bottom line is that the way that most companies install garage storage cabinets the stem wall is covered by the cabinet base and there is no way for the pest control technician to examine the stem wall for termite tubes. With our cabinets a simple peek underneath with a flashlight reveals in a minute the status of the termites situation. That sure beats waiting for the termite tubes to start hanging down from the ceiling. By then chances are there is some serious and expensive termite damage. After we took care of our own home storage needs we stared getting requests from friends and neighbors to help them with their home storage. Shortly there after STS Garage Storage Cabinets was born We have been building our high quality garage storage cabinets for over eighteen years now in the Tucson and Green Valley areas. Unfortunately due to weight and specialized construction techniques we do not offer our garage storage cabinets for sale outside of the southern Arizona area. 

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