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Measuring and installing pull out shelves

How to measure for your new Pull-out shelf measuring and installation guides
measuring and installation guides

Installing slide out shelving is actually quite easy. The most common way to install sliding shelves is what we call the base or full shelf mount. This is where the shelf hardware comes with L brackets attached that let you secure the slides to the base of your cabinet or onto an existing shelf. The base mount is the default selection when ordering our custom pullouts. This makes for a very simple and secure installation, simply align the glides and screw them to your shelf. Some companies charge extra for the base mount option but with Shelves that Slide it is the default, not an upgrade

For complete directions on measuring and installing pullout shelves please see our
do it yourself page

So what if you do not have a shelf to mount to or you do have a shelf but it is not the full depth of your cabinet? There are other methods to install a pull out sliding shelf such as the half shelf installation. That does not mean we sell you a rolling shelf that is half the depth of the cabinet. It is when you mount on to that little half depth fixed shelf that seems so common in newer cabinets. The slides will come with L brackets on the rear section of the slides. You screw the front of the slides to the cabinet face frame and the rear is supported by the L brackets attached to the existing half shelf. This is one of the few times that adding a sliding shelf will actually increase your storage space. Make sure not to make the common mistake of deducting for the hinge intrusion when you are measuring the half shelf. In 99% of the pull out shelf installations there is no hinge at the height of the half shelf so this pull-out shelf can almost always be made larger than the bottom roll-out shelf.

If you have no existing shelf to mount to don't worry, you can still install a pull out shelf. The options are either side mount the shelf or use rear mount sockets to attach to the back wall of the cabinet. It is important to note that the rear mount can only be done with 3/4 extension slides. The full extension slides do not accept the rear mount sockets nor are they a good choice for the half depth shelves. With the 3/4 extension slides the front of the shelf will either attach to the cabinet face frame like the half shelf installation or it can be attached to the cabinet sidewalls. To attach to the sidewalls you will need to use pull out shelf spacers or you can provide wood build up. The spacers or build up will be used to make the inside walls of the cabinet even with the cabinet opening width. Please see our pull out shelf measuring and installation guides located on our do it yourself page

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