10 shelf special ten custom pullout shelves for one low price
10 Premium Shelves for $759 + Free Shipping


Our most popular shelf, now in a 10 Pack with discounted pricing! These quality sliding shelves work great for anything, from soup cans to pots and pans. The sides of the shelf are shallow enough to read item labels, yet tall enough to hold the items in place. Stop bending and reaching to get to the back of your cabinet, let the back roll out to you!

Clear Opening Width
The available space between the most narrow 2 points of your cabinet's opening, at the pullout shelf's height. Between any protruding hinges, doors, face frames, etc. It is typical for the lower pullout shelf to be slightly narrow that the upper, due to the hinges usually only interfering with the bottom. If you have a Frameless Cabinet, you may need to deduct for the L Brackets used by the Base or Half Shelf Mounting Styles.
Do not measure existing pullout shelves or drawers to obtain the Clear Opening Width

Shelf Depth
Select the Shelf Depth that would fit inside of your available cabinet interior depth, behind any doors or framing. This is the actual length of the pullout shelf. The Rear Socket Mounting Style may add 1/4" more to the Shelf Depth selection, so please allow for 1/4" Extra room when ordering to be safe.
Do not select the size larger than your interior cabinet depth.

For more measuring information please refer to our Measuring Guide,
or watch our Measuring Videos.

Your shelf is custom made to order in the USA usually ships in 1 - 2 weeks.
10 Premium Shelves For $759.00 With U.S. Shipping Included Excludes HI & AK

Height 2 3/8"
Width From 6" to 32" (1/16" increments)
Depth From 13 3/4" to 21 3/4" (2" increments)
Capacity 100 lbs.
Wood 1/2" 9-Ply Birch sides / MDF bottom
Finish 2-Coat Clear Lacquer Finish
Joints Rabbet corners / Dado bottom
Warranty Lifetime / 5 Years with [BB] Full Extension slides **

10 Premium Shelves for $759 + Free Shipping

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4.91/5 Stars ( 88 Reviews )


Shelf 1 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 1 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 1 Slide 
Shelf 1 Mount 

Shelf 2 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 2 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 2 Slide 
Shelf 2 Mount 

Shelf 3 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 3 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 3 Slide 
Shelf 3 Mount 

Shelf 4 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 4 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 4 Slide 
Shelf 4 Mount 

Shelf 5 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 5 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 5 Slide 
Shelf 5 Mount 

Shelf 6 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 6 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 6 Slide 
Shelf 6 Mount 

Shelf 7 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 7 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 7 Slide 
Shelf 7 Mount 

Shelf 8 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 8 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 8 Slide 
Shelf 8 Mount 

Shelf 9 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 9 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 9 Slide 
Shelf 9 Mount 

Shelf 10 Clear Opening Width 
+ Fraction of Inch 
Shelf 10 Cabinet Depth 
Shelf 10 Slide 
Shelf 10 Mount 


Let our customer speak for us!
4.91/5 Stars out of 88 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
Your drawers were well made
Frank | March 13th, 2013
Before we were always "losing" items that were in the back of the pantry. Things were made more complex since part of the pantry was cut out to make room for a clothes shoot. To keep the installation simple, I used the existing shelves, added 1x3 side rails to attach your shelves to and in a few hours the problems of lost pantry items were resolved. I priced out a professional installer and they wanted $1300 to accomplish the same thing.
Verified Buyer
I look forward to dealing with you in the future
David T | January 27th, 2023
The replacement shelf came today and is in perfect order. Thanks so much for your response.
Verified Buyer
Good job
Anonymous | February 12th, 2017
Today we received our shelves. I have only installed one so far, but will complete the task tomorrow. I'm impressed with the construction of the shelves, the shipping box in which they were sent, and the price we've paid.
Verified Buyer
Just wanted to say thanks!
Jim | October 25th, 2017
I received my slides one day and had them installed the next. They are well built, the installation instructions were right-on, and the finished product looks great.
Verified Buyer
worked perfectly
Richard S | March 5th, 2014
Just wanted to tell you that the shelves I ordered fit and worked perfectly. We were surprised that all the bake ware that was stuffed into the cabinet before fit easily in the new shelves.
Verified Buyer
Took a little work but so worth it
Anonymous | September 5th, 2020
Ok these are the best thing i think i have bought for my house so far. I installed them in one day, from emptying the pantry to refilling it with installation in between.
Verified Buyer
Thank you
Lana | June 2nd, 2022
Your drawers are very well made and have made such a difference in my cabinets.  As a person gets older it gets harder to get down to get what is in the back on those little half shelves
Verified Buyer
I just wanted to Thank You for the selves that I ordered
Gary A | September 12th, 2015
I installed three of them in about 1 1/2 hour and used the suggest of using tape to hold them in place and it worked great. Very Pleased with the product and if I need more I know just where to go and will refer friends to you.
Verified Buyer
The quality was excellent and the install was fast
Greg D | January 2nd, 2016
I received your product this pas Friday and installed the product on Saturday.  I had ordered 2 slide out shelves for pots and pans.  I plan to order more for other cabinets.
Verified Buyer
My wife says she loves them.  Happy wife...
Jeff R | October 22nd, 2015
My order of 10 shelves came in 2 boxes. One box included a pack of screws and 10 door protectors. The other box did not. I thought the other box should contain another pack of screws and 10 more door protectors and called to get more. It wasn't until I began installing the shelves that I realized my mistake. BTW - the shelves are fantastic.
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10 Premium Shelves for $759 + Free Shipping