Using with our shelving?
For Interior Width
  Cut strips 2" less than 'Clear Opening Width'
For Interior Depth   Cut strips 1" less than 'Shelf Depth'
Will need to be trimmed horizontally if used with Premium shelves
Binning Strip (Priced Per Inch)

Binning Strip (Priced Per Inch)

Code: MABS Description




Adjustable Binning Strips are cuttable and go perpendicular to dividers.  Strips allow for 1/4" Baltic birch dividers to slot in at 1/4" intervals, so you can divide your shelf exactly as you need it.  Strip is 2 3/4" tall, and can be cut longways for use in 2 3/8" tall shelves.  

Requires two strips per shelf, and is sold per inch. Enter the number of inches you need in the quantity section (Qty), and remember to get enough for both sides of your shelf.  When deciding on strip lengths, remember to measure the interior of your shelf.  The strip will be too large if you measure the whole shelf and cut it to that size.